Industry leader in distribution
and manufacturing of fragrances
and cosmetics

Who We Are

Euroluxe is among the leading distributor of Fragrance and Cosmetics in the Region.

We provide direct access to premium retailers while protecting and tuning your Brand's image and awareness.


To exceed the needs and expectations of our stakeholders, customers and principals (brand/suppliers) while delivering our services - as agent or as distributor for travel retail and local markets.


To become the most efficient, strongest and credible distributor / agent on the Selective Industry in the Region.


Dedication to perfection. Providing the greatest quality of service to our clients. Driven by passion, sense of commitment and teamwork.


Building a solid foundation while crafting Global legacies for your Brand.

Why Euroluxe

What sets us apart.

  • Energized and dynamic company with a highly motivated and result driven team. Ability to adapt quickly and capitalize on attractive opportunities.

  • Professional management with solid background in production, retail & wholesale in several categories. In-depth knowledge of the region.

  • Strong marketing, logistics, commercial and financial support provide leverage to negotiate with retailers.

  • Special emphasis on continuous quality training of the sales staff to ensure the Brand’s benefits and DNA is passed on to the final consumer.

  • Superior supply chain management to ensure “on time” and accurate delivery, for optimum rotation of the products.

  • Proprietary perfume brand provides valuable knowledge how to manage all aspects of a brand.

  • Key management all have vested interest in EuroLuxe.

  • “One Stop” servicing for the travel retail and domestic market, saving the brand time and valuable resources.

Global Presence

A global understanding combined with local sensitivity.

  • Headquarters in Miami.

  • Subsidiary offices in Panama, Mexico, Montevideo, Dubai and Casablanca.

  • Distribution centers in Miami, Panama, Montevideo, Chile, Milan and Tangier.

  • Production plant in Milan.

  • Local markets operations in Mexico, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile, The Carribbean, Morroco and West Africa.

  • E-Commerce platforms.

  • Over 100 employees.

Key Management

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